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'Listening' and 'talking' with non-verbal species is something humans have been doing for thousands of years - in our modern day 'civilised' lives we sometimes forget that. I would love to help you remember how.

Where & When

February 12, 2018
Awakening to Natural Connectedness: Introduction to Animal Communication & Energy Healing

This workshop is part of the 2nd Annual International Spirit Horse Festival is a very special event where people inspired by horses can meet, share ideas, experiment, and celebrate the horse-human relationship.

Over 15 world-class presenters and 19 horses will engage you in interactive and hands-on seminars, breakout sessions, discussion panels, and master-classes on:

- Post traumatic growth through working with horses
- Equine assisted learning training and certification
- How to help horses be effective teachers and healers
- Making your dream job with horses a reality
- Holistic horse care, bodywork, and healing trauma
- Connecting human head, heart, and gut intelligence
- Praise-based liberty work with horses
- Yoga, spirituality, breathing, and meditation with horses
- Animal communication and energy healing
- Equine-inspired artwork
- Protecting wild horse heritage 
- and much, much more...

This international festival is set on the amazing backdrop of Dune Lakes Lodge Equine Inspired Learning and Retreat Centre just north of Auckland, NZ. Only 200 spots are available for the festival. The first 50 tickets are at Super Early Bird Price $195 NZD. Full-Price Registration - $240 NZD