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Are you looking for a someone to do a presentation about Confidence & Connection for your riding clinic, AGM or Riding Club? Great – I would love to!

We have a couple of options – face to face or via video link-up (if you are tech phobic don’t be afraid – all you need is a way of connecting to the internet (smart phone!) and a laptop to receive the webinar presentation.

If you have a large group you may want to connect the laptop to a large TV screen or projector & screen to make the it easier to see. If you are using a hotel with conference facilities, then they will usually do all this for you and they will almost definitely have an internet connection already available in their conference rooms.

The focus of the training can be:

  • generalised – helping you become aware of your patterns, how these play out around horses and how your horse is amplifying and mirroring these back to you
  • on peak performance in competition – coping with distraction, performance anxiety, internal and external pressure etc
  • focused on the relationship between you and your horse – as a Coach & Animal Communicator I love to act as a bridge between the human and horse worlds
  • something of your choice that you think would benefit your group and that I have some expertise in – I am very open to suggestions

Here is a quick snippet of a presentation I did for the Waitemata Riding Club on Competition Composure in August 2015.

Give me a yell on 021 718 058 or via the Contact page to discuss your speaking requirements. Prices start from $100 for an hour excluding travel costs and take home worksheets.

Speaking Engagements