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Quick Start:

Bit of Background

I have had the privilege of connecting with a variety of animals and have a particular affinity with horses and dogs – when I attend clinics or competitions horses share things that they want me to pass onto their carers and getting accosted on the beach when a dog has something to say is a fun! They have so much to share with us – beautiful, insight things that enrich their lives and ours.

My heart belongs to horses and they share their point of view on a variety of topics including sources of physical and psychological pain, preferences on how they are treated (paddocking, feeding, training, equipment used etc) or what they would like you to know about them or yourself. Often horses share very insightful observations about their owners and these can really help us in coming into a deeper and more trusting relationship with them and with ourselves.

Who has communication sessions?

People who want to hear their horse’s point of view generally fall into 3 groups – the ‘Cynical’, the ‘Curious’ and the ‘Connected’.

The ‘Cynical‘ partly wants me to say something ‘wrong’ so they can say I am talking a load of BS (the bovine kind). They also partly want to discover something to unlock their horses potential even though the idea of their horse being able to ‘talk’ scares them a bit (their horse might show me something that will make them look bad…).

The ‘Curious‘ really want Animal Communication to be possible. There is a secret place in their hearts that holds hope that they can telepathically connect with their horses (we all can btw)...

The ‘Connected‘ know deeply that inter species communication is a forgotten skill that is waiting to be re-awakened and is available to all.

What can a communication session help you with?

Some people have specific questions in mind around their horses physical, emotional, social and mental well-being ie. Does Harry like being in a paddock with Sally? Does Flicka enjoy dressage? If energy healing is appropriate I will offer the horse this (they revel in it and love to feel heard, seen and supported).

Some people see their horses point of view as extremely valuable and will ‘check in’ with them via an Animal Communicator whenever they feel ‘stuck’.

As you will experience in your own life our state is fluid and ever changing – this is the same for our horses. Whether you are considering Animal Communication an item to tick off your ‘Bucket list’ or an on-going part of deepening your relationship with horses I would love to help you.

The ‘Practicalities’

Step 1:

Click on the button below to access the registration form

Step 2:

The cost for a session is $75 NZD.

NZ residents
If you are in NZ you can pay by bank transfer to UpSurge Limited (this is my company name) ASB account 12-3085-0512884-00.

Non-NZ residents
If you are overseas then please click here to be taken to a page where you can use Paypal. Please note that you don’t have to have a Paypal account to use this service – you can use your credit or debit card.


Step 3:

I connect with your animal friend and ask the questions you have sent through along with an open invitation for your horse to share anything else it would like you to know. I make notes about what your horse has shared. Please note that some horse like to energetically ‘check me out’ before they choose to chat so not all communications are on the same day. Some very private horses even prefer to wait 2 – 3 days.

Step 4:

We arrange a time via online calendar to chat by phone, skype (suze.kenington) or virtual meeting room where I pass on what your horse has shared. This call usually lasts about 20 – 30 minutes.

I like to chat rather than email as it gives an opportunity for me to re-connect and clarify anything if you want more information. Once your horse is happy to connect they will usually communicate again easily.


Some horses have lots to share and others find it hard to tolerate people in their intimate space for long. It’s up to the horse and they certainly let me know when they have had enough. Horses are particularly discerning about who they let into their inner world and if your horse decides that they don’t want to connect then there will be a full refund.

Horses are generally very hopeful – even a shut down horse will hold a small space for hope that humans will treat them in a kind and respectful way so refusing to communicate is very rare. Horses and usually very grateful to have been asked to share their opinions and preferences.

If this feel right for you and your horse then please take the first step to connecting with your horse in this way. Suze x