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Animal Communication Registration

Thanks for valuing your animal friend’s point of view! Below are some admin bits and pieces and some starter ideas on the type of things I can help your animal share with you. If there are any questions that don’t feel right or aren’t interesting to you then just leave them blank.

Admin Stuff

My Approach

Animals have so much to share about how we can make our time with them more mutually enjoyable physically, emotionally, and socially. My initial training was in an intuitive energy technique called ThetaHealing™ to connect and invite healing (if appropriate, for the well-being of both the animal and people). Animals respond very well to this kind of support, because they don’t have the head chatter to distract them like we do (don’t we all love tell ourselves stories!)

Sometimes our beloved animal friends bring something to my attention that their human friend would benefit from working on. All ThetaHealing™ is permission based which means I will never do any healing work without your agreement, so if this is the case we can discuss the this during our phone or skype call where I pass on your animal friend’s wisdom.

What to do now

I work with animals remotely and since we are all energetically connected, distance isn’t a factor. Once you’ve filled the form below email it back to with a photo of your animal friend.

I'll need this form returned before the session so I am in the best position to listen and appropriately record what your animal friend has to share and then contact you afterwards to chat about it.

Legal stuff

The return of this form signifies your agreement for:
· I understand this will be Animal Communication & Energy Healing session in which Suze will use ThetaHealing™ techniques
· I understand this session can be a supplement to veterinary care, not a substitute for it
· If my animal is on medication from the vet or an alternative practitioner I’ll consult them before I make changes to my animals regime

Money Stuff

If you are in New Zealand…
Please pay online the account details are to ASB Account in the name of SG & MB Kenington 12 – 3085 – 0512884 – 00. Please put ‘Com’ and your surname as a reference eg. ComSmith

If you are in any other part of this wonderful world other than NZ…
Please pay via the paypal link at

Thanks once again and let the communication begin!

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