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You will see quite a lot from horses & dogs as I talk to them often and have shared much of my life with them. They're very on to it!

Animal Wisdom via Animal Communication

Grey Feather – muse to all she meets
Horse have been muses throughout the ages and I had the privilege of connecting with one such horse recently - her name is Grey Feather. She is a Spanish Mustang who crossed the ocean to from New Mexico to Australia and this is where Tiffany, an amazing painter, met and became entranced by her.
How do you realise our love?
How do you realise our love?

What do you most need from me, right now in our partnership?
What do you need most from me, right now in our partnership?


Are Horses Ambitious? Ben shares his views…

Are Horse’s Ambitious? Ben shares his views…

I just want to know what’s best for him…

I just want to know what’s best for him… ___TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW__

Why was Albert anxious & noise sensitive?
Why was Albert anxious & noise sensitive?

Why are you so afraid? I would never hurt you…
Why are you so afraid? I would never hurt you...
Why was Angel not her usual happy self?
Why was Angel not her usual happy self?
To bit or not to bit…
Dee wonders if Malachy would like a bit or not...Malachy gives his frank and logical response in this video.
Burning Question – “How do horses communicate with each other?”
How subtle communication can be? Horses communicate in energy vibrations and we can too when we get present with the sensations[...]
Burning Question – “Will we ever have a deep bond?”
A mash up of two communication sessions where the owners wanted the horses point of view on connection. One brave owner[...]
Burning Question – “What can I do to help you maintain an optimal weight?”
What do you do when you have tried everything to get excess weight off your horse? This loving owner decided[...]
Burning Question – “Why are you anxious riding in company?”
Regina and Micah have enjoyed lots of adventures together but things have changed... "What makes you become so anxious and[...]
Burning Question – “Why do you bite me and other horses sometimes?”
Anna's been with Pepee for a while and she was wondering why he would sometimes bite and nibble her and[...]
Burning Question – “Why do you head butt the kids?”
Jo has had Angel for a couple of years and recently noticed a change in behaviour.  She was wondering if[...]
Burning Question – “Are you ok being leased out?”
Houdini's lovely human Lindsey was contemplating leasing him out. He shares his thoughts on this and how he sees himself[...]
Burning Question – “Am I the wrong home?”
When Joanna bought Dom he was everything she wanted, but 3 months down the track she asked a very brave[...]
Burning Question – “What’s the one thing I can do to improve your life?”
When Jane asked Merlot "what's the one thing I can do to improve your life' she wasn't expecting what he[...]
Burning Question – “Why do you panic when we travel?”
Eeva want to know why Story Boy was happy to practice loading but not actually travelling. Click below to hear[...]
Burning Question – “Do you still want to be ridden or officially retire?”
As our horses age it can bring up a lot of emotion when we grapple with how to best care[...]
Burning Question – “How can I help you learn? Why the biting?”
Horses never disappoint with their clear (some might say blunt...) advice that is always encouraging. Some how they can effortlessly[...]

Horse's World

‘Live in the energy of play. I miss you laughing.’
  Meet SJ. She has been lucky enough to spend her whole 20 year life with the lovely Lindsey. They[...]
“Your joy is magnetic – it draws me to you”
  Have you ever wondered what your horse might write in an 'ideal human partner' description (picture online dating for[...]
‘My fulfillment is your peace & joy. Stop & stand quietly with me – just being together is peaceful & warm.’
This is gorgeous George. He is a lucky boy because Karla's first two questions were 'Is he happy?' and 'Does[...]
“I am magnificence without arrogance. Arrogance is based on comparison. I don’t need to compare as I know who I am.”
This week I had the privilege of chatting with Senna. Senna's human guardian was worried that he was aloof and[...]
“My acute senses make my world energetically vivid. I don’t get lost in thought – I live in the ever present now.”
  Wouldn't it be amazing if you could experience one hour of life as a horse. How the world looks,[...]
“I feel safe with you, so naturally I want to share my best with you.”
Today I feel drawn to the parallel's between the role of Mum and horsewoman. This year one of my lovely[...]
“My herd is my family. Like you, I love & grieve.”
To horse lovers like yourselves it seems ridiculous that it has only recently been legally recognised that horses (and other[...]
“Lead yourself confidently, consistently & kindly. Then I am inspired to follow.”
Our horses can be very skilled at picking up whether we 'deeply believe' our leadership or whether we are just[...]
“I am not what you think I am, I am what you feel me to be.”
Our mind can't feel - that's up to our body. During the workshop yesterday I was moved by how beautifully[...]
“Whether you look for good or bad in me, you will find it.”
Our horses live up to or down to our expectations. If we decide they are of fine character or otherwise[...]
“Your touch say so much – how, where, why, when you choose to touch & choose not to touch all have meaning to me.”
Today I was really thinking about our 'feel' sense. As humans we reply heavily on verbal communication but in horse[...]
“At the end of the day to love & be loved is all there really is.”
Being with horses opens us up to laughter, tears (happy & sad ones), frustration, elation, bumps, bruises, broken bits and[...]
“I am not naughty – I am confused or scared or in pain. Please help me feel safe in your world.”
Today the theme is generosity of spirit. When our horses present challenging behaviour that scares or frustrates us we can[...]
“I chose to connect with you 6000 years ago – help me believe that was a wise choice.”
Horses are naturally curious & seek connection. Even after repeated frightening or painful experiences most horses remain hopeful that they[...]
“Do you feel yourself stop breathing going into canter? I do …”
Smooth, deep inhales and long, complete exhales communicate safety to both you and your horses bodies. Without safety there is[...]
“I love it when you are really present – I can connect deeply with you.”
Try looking at yourself from your horses point of view...being really present is rocket fuel for connection x

Just a Thought...

Soft Heart Technique
Manage your energetic state of being and your actions will manage themselves... As horse people we can get caught up in[...]
“Words can be pretty clumsy things to describe moments of wholehearted mutual connection….’Love’ covers it
Those moments of harmony are what keep us coming back mystery lameness after mystery lameness... We can spend our whole[...]
Develop a Harmony Habit
Horse/Human Harmony is a topic dear to all horse lovers hearts. Magic happen when we this is one of our[...]
What’s at the heart of your time with horses?
Sometimes having horses in our lives can get really complicated - mysterious health issues (for both of us...), advice from[...]
RIP Darling Dannie
Lovely ol' Dannie has been part of our family since 2005. He came to us as a paddock mate after[...]
What is a horse worth?
People often talk about what a horse is worth. Ranging from 10's of 1,000's to 'dog tucker' money... I find[...]
An attitude of human superiority is the biggest block to connection
Sometimes people ask me how you start learning animal communication. The way I feel about it is that it's more[...]
Are you a good storyteller?
This morning I made a bad call to get on Fly and found myself deposited in the lupins within 30[...]
Riders Prayer
Say's it all really x
To horses, the end never justifies the means.
The horse's world is not so very different from our world when we put our ego's on hold and the[...]
A shared history
Have you ever had the feeling that you know someone even though you have only just met them?  That's how[...]