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“Your touch say so much – how, where, why, when you choose to touch & choose not to touch all have meaning to me.”

Today I was really thinking about our ‘feel’ sense. As humans we reply heavily on verbal communication but in horse world this is emphasised. I even read some wild horses are afraid of horses neighing when they come into a domestic situation because noise gets the attention of predators. But touch communicates volumes in both […]

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“I am not naughty – I am confused or scared or in pain. Please help me feel safe in your world.”

Today the theme is generosity of spirit. When our horses present challenging behaviour that scares or frustrates us we can be pretty quick to label them as flawed in some way. This is great shame because it blocks our wonderfully creative problem solving side from finding a solution and taking responsibility for our role in […]

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Own space

Current focus… Body upward swinging back nose in front of the vertical head between his hip and stifle bones straight or slight even bend from head to tail in walk & trot Mind accept the bamboo isn’t there to beat you into a pulp but just a arm extension for me calm to catch, put […]

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A shared history

Have you ever had the feeling that you know someone even though you have only just met them? ┬áThat’s how I felt about Fly. As soon as I got close I could feel my heart energy calm, a quiet inner knowing of rightness and a gentle smile appeared (clumsy words but the best I can […]

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