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Soft Heart Technique

Manage your energetic state of being and your actions will manage themselves… As horse people we can get caught up in ‘doing it right’ but our horses are far more interested in the intention behind the actions. Next time things aren’t going as you planned, pause and listen to your head traffic – is it empowering ie. calm, encouraging, appreciative […]

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“Words can be pretty clumsy things to describe moments of wholehearted mutual connection….’Love’ covers it

Those moments of harmony are what keep us coming back mystery lameness after mystery lameness… We can spend our whole riding life ‘preparing’ to have the perfect ride and miss the moments that are right under our nose, or more precisely, under our butt. When we are totally focused on ‘improving’ our skills and performance […]

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Develop a Harmony Habit

Horse/Human Harmony is a topic dear to all horse lovers hearts. Magic happen when we this is one of our ‘not negotiables’. When I was given the chance to submit an article for the Natural Horse Management Magazine it felt like a goodie. Our human-ness can make us pretty talented at getting in our own […]

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“Your joy is magnetic – it draws me to you”

  Have you ever wondered what your horse might write in an ‘ideal human partner’ description (picture online dating for horses looking for humans…)? What would they be really drawn to ie. states of being ? Words like calm, playful, accepting, grateful to be alive, kind, present and joyful come to my mind.   This […]

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‘My fulfillment is your peace & joy. Stop & stand quietly with me – just being together is peaceful & warm.’

This is gorgeous George. He is a lucky boy because Karla’s first two questions were ‘Is he happy?’ and ‘Does he like his job?’. George, like most horses, was very aware of himself and his preferences and liked being asked to share them. George is also, like most horses, very aware of Karla’s emotional, mental […]

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“I am magnificence without arrogance. Arrogance is based on comparison. I don’t need to compare as I know who I am.”

This week I had the privilege of chatting with Senna. Senna’s human guardian was worried that he was aloof and withdrawn on the ground and spooky when ridden. Her question were ‘How can I make his life better? Our relationship better?’. Senna is a very lucky horse because his needs are a very high priority. […]

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