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Burning Question – “How do horses communicate with each other?”

How subtle communication can be? Horses communicate in energy vibrations and we can too when we get present with the sensations of our bodies. Got a Burning Question? Join the RidersMind.com list and

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Burning Question – “Will we ever have a deep bond?”

A mash up of two communication sessions where the owners wanted the horses point of view on connection. One brave owner asked if they would ever have a deep bond with their horse… To hear what

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Burning Question – “What can I do to help you maintain an optimal weight?”

What do you do when you have tried everything to get excess weight off your horse? This loving owner decided to ask her horse. He shared an interesting insight that shows how the horse’s nervous

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Burning Question – “Why are you anxious riding in company?”

Regina and Micah have enjoyed lots of adventures together but things have changed… “What makes you become so anxious and unsettled when riding with a group of horses? (2-6 other horses) In

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Burning Question – “Why do you bite me and other horses sometimes?”

Anna’s been with Pepee for a while and she was wondering why he would sometimes bite and nibble her and be aggressive to to other horses. Was he in physical or emotional pain? His answer once again

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Burning Question – “Why do you head butt the kids?”

Jo has had Angel for a couple of years and recently noticed a change in behaviour.  She was wondering if it was just the spring grass or something more.  Angel shared that is was more – a slip

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Burning Question – “Are you ok being leased out?”

Houdini’s lovely human Lindsey was contemplating leasing him out. He shares his thoughts on this and how he sees himself as a teacher. Got a Burning Question? Join the RidersMind.com list and send

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Burning Question – “Am I the wrong home?”

When Joanna bought Dom he was everything she wanted, but 3 months down the track she asked a very brave question – “Am I the wrong home?” Joanna asks “In the first two weeks

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Burning Question – “What’s the one thing I can do to improve your life?”

When Jane asked Merlot “what’s the one thing I can do to improve your life’ she wasn’t expecting what he said…horse can see right into our hearts even if we get stuck in

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Burning Question – “Why do you panic when we travel?”

Eeva want to know why Story Boy was happy to practice loading but not actually travelling. Click below to hear what he shared…

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