How Perceptive & Sensitive is your Horse?

How about you?

​Connection Coaching & Animal Communication will help you Discover Your Truth you explore the Soul of Your Horse

Burning Question – “How do horses communicate with each other?”
How subtle communication can be? Horses communicate in energy vibrations and we can too when we get present with the sensations[...]
Burning Question – “Will we ever have a deep bond?”
A mash up of two communication sessions where the owners wanted the horses point of view on connection. One brave owner[...]
Burning Question – “What can I do to help you maintain an optimal weight?”
What do you do when you have tried everything to get excess weight off your horse? This loving owner decided[...]
Burning Question – “Why are you anxious riding in company?”
Regina and Micah have enjoyed lots of adventures together but things have changed... "What makes you become so anxious and[...]
Burning Question – “Why do you bite me and other horses sometimes?”
Anna's been with Pepee for a while and she was wondering why he would sometimes bite and nibble her and[...]
Burning Question – “Why do you head butt the kids?”
Jo has had Angel for a couple of years and recently noticed a change in behaviour.  She was wondering if[...]